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Solar Grid - Tied System

This is a solution that helps you generate power for self-consumption while staying on the public power grid. Our system effectively produces energy from a Solar PV array [Panels] and syncs this power to the utility grid. Best suited for industrial and commercial establishments having peak consumption in daytime.

Solar Off - Grid System

This is a solution that generates green power from a Solar PV array [Panels] and stores in our energy system for later use. It is not connected to the public power grid.Best suited for residential establishments having peak consumption in the night.

Why Kalpa?

Designed With ROI in mind

The Kalpa design team works diligently with the aim of maximizing the return on your investment. Use of high performance solar panels, hands-on team, financing assistance and three decade old legacy of innovation assures you get the best.

Maximum power per square meter

Considering the space constraints in modern day facilities, we have developed high-efficiency systems that will work to the fullest and deliver better than expected.

Advanced Engineering

Use of latest tools and platforms such as Helioscope, Sketch-up, PV Syst, Meteonorm, etc. enables world-class design to commission to operation experiences.

We understand your needs

The Kalpa Value-Adds

Design Services

"Kalpa's design philosophy is simple – "To maximize energy savings for our clients”. Our design team has expertise and systems to generate data or reports depending on various factors like local irradiance, site condition, grid availability, technology selection and system configuration.

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Finance Options

Kalpa Power offers financial solutions that make solar power an attractive solution. Our Pay as you go model helps you to generate and use electricity at discounted price without undertaking heavy investment whereas the ownership model gives you tax benefit and free electricity for a the life of the project.

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The TALLMAX M PLUS modules are one of the industries most trusted products for ground-mount and commercial/industrial rooftop installations. Also available with an industry-leading 1500V UL/IEC, the TALLMAX M PLUS modules are the industry standard for commercial, industrial and utility scale installations. The advanced monocrystalline technology enables a more uniform, aesthetically pleasing look.


Remote Monitoring

Save your time and money with our automated systems and remote monitoring. You don't have to visit the field. Now all information regarding faults and other important data is available on your palm top. The web based interface lets you check it from any part of the world.

Projects At a Glance

Solar is good!

  • Get benefitted from unutilized space
  • 24*7 supply of electricity
  • Huge savings on electricity bills
  • Reduction in carbon emission
  • One time investment with negligible maintenance
  • Proven system
  • Life of the SPV plant is 25 years
  • Govt. incentives like 30% MNRE approved capital subsidy, net metering and fiscal incentives in the form of accelerated depreciation (80% + 20%) benefits for industrial and commercial buildings
  • Increased green ratings

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