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Renewable energy is the future of power generation and solar power holds great potential in a nation where there's no scarcity of sunlight. Kalpa Power offers the best designed, yet simple and economical solutions for power needs across business sectors. To expand and reach out, we wish to partner with enterprising individuals who have the ability to make it big in this emerging industry. Our Sales Partner Program is among the best and holds promise for steady growth and sizeable revenue for people with passion to succeed.

We Provide:

Marketing Assistance

Business is marketing and hence, we ensure that our channel partner is equipped with the latest sales and marketing tools including brochure, presentations, print advertisements and adequate lead generation.

Sales Training

With regular solar power trainings and meetings, the channel partner can acquire the requisite knowledge and skills that will help him to communicate well with potential customers and become a successful leader in this industry.

Technical Support

Kalpa Power has a strong knowledge base and a professional team to provide necessary design and other technical assistance which will assure the potential customer of returns on investment in the solar power project.

To become a Kalpa Power Sales Partner, please apply. Our team will talk to you soon.

Become a Solar Entrepreneur in Kalpa Power

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