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Kalpa provides high efficiency, reliable, user friendly EV charging solutions featuring three major advantages: fast and convenient charging process, real time monitoring and control, and the smart grid capabilities for energy management and cost optimization.

Fast Charging Stations -

Ideal for motorway service stations, filling stations, public areas.

Home Charging Stations -

Designed for private and flexible use across the entire AC bandwidth.

Public charging stations -

Suitable for locations with high volumes of traffic.

IoT based EVSE monitoring solution -

For reliable remote operation and monitoring.

Key Features

Weak grid integration

Our charging solution offers weak grid integrations without the need of changing the existing grid infrastructure for DC/Fast charging solutions.

Lower charging duration

Ultra-fast charging within 10 min as against the conventional 30 min window

Lower O&M cost

Up to 70% lesser operation and maintenance cost as compared to the traditional EV chargers.

More efficient and longer life cycle

Our charging station and storage solutions can provide a virtually limitless number of deep charge cycles over its expected lifetime of 20 years. It is also more environment-friendly as it uses no chemicals.

The Kalpa Advantage

  • Our experienced team leads you through the entire process, from site evaluation and installation preparation to equipment sales with flexible financing options.
  • We offer complete support with our warranty services, repairs, regular maintenance and testing to ensure safe and effective running of your station.

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