Apr 2016

Solar Panel Cleaning - Part 1

Clean your solar panels to increase your solar generation up to 30%!

  • Solar panels create energy upon direct exposure to light. Anything that restricts this light energy to reach the panels can greatly reduce the performance and cost you money! Hence, its imperative that you keep your panels clean of dust, vehicle pollutants, grime and bird droppings.
  • Based on the environment characteristics i.e humidity, dust we recommend that solarpanels should be cleaned twice a week to ensure that they operate efficiently. It is also necessary to clean the panels in the morning or evening hours when the panels are not in full sun and the surface is cool. If water hits a panel that is too warm, it may shatter the glass. This is a costly mistake and not covered in WARRANTY!
  • Solar panel cleaning can be done in two ways i.e manual and automated. Manual solarpanel cleaning includes cleaning the panel with potable, non-heated water, using a soft sponge or seamless cloth. Kalpa Power has developed a sprinkler based solar panelcleaning system to automate this process.
  • This was a brief introduction to solar panel cleaning. In the next blog, we will take a look at the two types of solar panel cleaning processes i.e manual and automated. Please email us on the mail id given below for any queries or any solar rooftop enquiries.

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