Jul 2016

260.4 kWp project commissioned in Pandharpur!

Kalpa Power commissions Pandharpur's first solar grid tied plant having capacity 260.4 kWp!


Kalpa Power installed and commissioned a 260.4 kWp solar rooftop grid-tied plant at Shri Vithal Education Research Institute, Pandharpur. It is the first solar powered educational institute in Pandharpur

Prior to installation, we conducted a detailed site survey to understand their electricity consumption pattern, rooftop available space, site orientation etc. Based on this survey, we designed and installed 840 solar panels of 310 Wp on the roof of the institution. This 260.4 kWp solar rooftop grid-tied plant will generate 413.3 MWh/per year, replacing 40% of the institutes' electricity consumption and providing 30% savings over grid electricity.

Being an educational institute, it is also eligible for 30% central financial assistance announced by MNRE vide notification no. 3/88/2015-16/GCRT dtd. 04.03.2016.

Also, in case of commercial and industrial establishments, one can avail accelerated depreciation benefit,10 year tax holiday (for investor) etc. post solar rooftop installation.

Considering these benefits, it is advisable to install solar rooftop grid-tied plant in which one can generate and consume electricity on their own. The life of the system is 25 years with negligible maintenance. It is a one time investment where the levelised cost of solar is only Rs. 2-3/unit as opposed to conventional tariff which is Rs.10-10.50/unit. The payback for the system is within 3-4 years. One can also supply surplus electricity to MSEDCL and get credit for it.

Kalpa provides turnkey solutions for solar grid-tied/off-grid plant. Kindly contact us for any enquiries!

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