May 2016

Net metering is Online!

Back in September 2015, Maharashtra had announced net metering regulations for solar rooftop consumers. According to this policy, any consumer having solar rooftop capacity less than 1 MW on rooftop can avail the benefits of the net metering policy.

We had discussed this in our blog – Get paid for using solar energy!

In this blog, we will take a closer look at the procedure set out by MERC for net metering.

One can apply for net metering in two ways:

MSEDCL registers the application in a separate register on first come first serve basis and acknowledges its receipt within 3 working days or intimates to consumer within the period, of any deficiency.

Next, MSEDCL conducts feasibility study of the same considering following factors:

  • AC voltage level at which connectivity is sought – the permissible AC voltage level and corresponding the threshold limit for rooftop solar PV system is mentioned in the MERC regulations.
  • Sanctioned Load/Contract Demand of the consumer – The capacity of the RTSPV should be less than the sanctioned load/contract demand
  • Rated Output AC voltage of the proposed Rooftop Solar PV system
  • Available cumulative capacity of relevant Distribution Transformer – The capacity of thr RTSPV should not exceed the cumulative capacity of relevant DTC - Refer List of DTCs

MSEDCL then releases the approval letter with the maximum permissible capacity. Next, it tests interconnection with grid and finalizes net specifications. Given, below are the link for specifications of meter as per customer category:

The consumer can then sign net metering connection agreement with the distribution licensee and install the system. MSEDCL then synchronizes the system with grid and tests the system. Once the system is commissioned, one can receive credit for energy supplied to the grid.

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