May 2016

Solar Panel Cleaning - Part 2

Manual Solar Panel Cleaning

In the previous blog - Solar Panel Cleaning-Part I ,we understood the basics of solar panel cleaning,its effect on solar power generation and a brief introduction to the types of solar panel cleaning i.e manual and automated. In this blog, we will take a closer look at manual solar panel cleaning processes.

During monsoon months, modules are kept clean with the rain water however it is important to ensure that the solar modules are clean prior to onset of summer. In the northen hemisphere, 60-70% of solar generation occurs in the first half of the year (January - June) .Solar panels installed in the following scenarios

  • at a tilt angle below 10°
  • located in particularly dusty areas
  • in areas of high pollution
  • close to large bird population

will require more regular cleaning.

When cleaning a module, one should use a soft cloth, mild detergent and potable non-heated water. Some fingerprints, stains, or accumulation of dirt on the glass may be removed with a 3% soap and water solution. For smaller systems, spray the solution on the module glass, let it stand for five minutes, spray again and use a soft sponge or seamless cloth to wipe the glass surface in a circular motion. For large systems, spray the cleaning solution on the modules, let it stand for five minutes, and then rinse them with high-pressure water or a soft squeegee. Normally, the back surface of the module need not be cleaned but in the event this is deemed necessary, one should avoid the use of any sharp objects that might damage the penetrating the substrate material. Do not stand on the module glass while cleaning. Use of sharp objects and standing on the module glass to clean the same will void the product warranty!

While manual solar panel cleaning ensures that the modules are kept clean at all times, it has its own drawbacks like human errors,recurring labor cost, time-consuming processes, difficulty in access to site, difficult for large systems,etc. In such a scenario, one can opt for automated solar panel cleaning system. Kalpa Power has developed one such sprinkler based proprietary cleaning system. We will take a look at this system in our next blog. Stay in touch for the same!

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